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Plumpton Wall

Major Settlement in the Parish of Plumpton Wall

Historical Forms

  • (haie de) Plumton' 1212 Fees
  • (landa de) Plumton' 1212 Cole c.1460–80 AwntyrsoffArthure(D)
  • Plomton Launde 1342 Cl
  • In myd plumtun lone c.1450–70 AwntyrsoffArthure(I)
  • on plontone land 15th ib
  • haya de Plumpton' 1256 Cl
  • the lawns of Plompton 1487 Ipm
  • Ploumpton 1579 PR(Greystoke)
  • Plumpt. walle 1578 LRMB
  • Le Plumpton Wall, Le Plumbton wall 1597 ib


'Plum tūn.' This was one of the 'hays' of Inglewood Forest, v. (ge)hæg, launde . It may well be that the scattered village of Plumpton which lies along the road, took the addition to its name from the wall of the camp of Voreda (v. Appendix). Cf. the pallace Wall 1679Lowther and Wall hills ib., both in this parish.