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Major Settlement in the Parish of Papcastle

Historical Forms

  • Pabecastr' 1260 Rental 1278,1279 Ass
  • Papecastr' 1266 MinAcct 1399 Cl
  • Papecastre in Allerdale 1323 Ch
  • Papecastel 1285 For
  • Papcastre 1302 FF
  • Papcastle al. Papcaster 1675 DKRxl
  • Pappecastre 1332 SR
  • Popecastre 1381 Cl 1383 Pat 1385 FF
  • Papscastle 1653 CantWvii
  • Pope's Castle 1737 CWxxiii


The cæster, which has become 'castle' in the modern name, denoted the Roman fort at the point where the road running southwest from Carlisle branches north-west to Maryport. The first element can hardly be other than ON  papi , 'hermit.'

The Romano-British name of Papcastle was Derventio, from the river on which it stands.