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Early-attested site in the Parish of Nicholforest

Historical Forms

  • Kackledy 1275 Ipm
  • Catlody t.Hy8 DuLa
  • Catlowthy, Cattlowdey 1697 Netherby
  • Cathlowthy 1733 ib
  • Catlowdy 1777 NB
  • Catlowdy or Lairdstowne 1745 ib
  • Lairdstown 1821 G


Possibly 'cack-lady' was a nickname for the small stream which rises here. v. cack in NED and cf. the stream-names of similar type noted under Kipperlynn (PN NbDu 128). Either High or Mid Catlowdy was alternatively known as Lairdstown, Lairdstown 1697 Netherby, Catlowdy or Lairdstowne 1745 ib., Lairdstown 1821 G.