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Early-attested site in the Parish of Netherhall

Historical Forms

  • Aylnfoote 1656 Netherhall
  • Elmefoote 1567 ib
  • Elm foot 1675 Sandford
  • Ellom-foot 1722 Gilpin
  • Elnefoot c.1745 CW(OS)iii
  • Mary-port 1762 PR(Bridekirk)


For the original name. v. Ellen R. supra 13. For foot applied to a site at a river-mouth, cf. Sarkfoot supra 147 and Chalkfoot infra 331.A harbour was made here between 1750 and 1760 by Humphrey Senhouse who then named the place after his wife Mary (CW (OS) iii, 303). In the original name, medial -n - has been assimilated to -m - through the influence of the following -f -.

The name of the Roman fort, built to guard the left flank of Hadrian's Wall, and situated on a hill 200 ft. in height, north of Maryport, was probably Alavna from the river on which it stands.v. Appendix.

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Early-attested site

Major Settlement