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Derwent Isle

Early-attested site in the Parish of Keswick

Historical Forms

  • insula de Hestholm t.Rici Dugdv
  • Hesteholm t.John Fountains
  • Eastholm c.1240 ib
  • Hestholm 1327 ib
  • Viker Ile 1596 PR(Crosth)
  • Pocklington's Island or Paradise Island 1782 ClarkeM


It was known in the 18th century as Pocklington 's Island or Paradise Island (1782 ClarkeM), Pocklington 's from the name of its owner. In the name Hestholm , found also in Eastholme Ho (supra 120) and Hestham (infra 415), holmr must have its well-recorded sense of 'island.' Hest represents the ON  hestr , 'stallion,' which occurs also in Hesket supra 199. The original meaning of the name must have approached closely to that of Hinksey (Berks), which is a compound of OE  hengest , 'stallion,' and īeg , 'island.'