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Early-attested site in the Parish of Holme St Cuthbert

Historical Forms

  • Mayburg' 1175,c.1187 HolmC
  • Mayburch 1262 ib
  • Mayburgh 1279 Ass 1361 GDR
  • Maybroughe 1581–97 CW(OS)x
  • Old, New Mawbray 1552 March
  • Old Mawboro 1576 S
  • Olde, New Mawbroughe 1605 LRMB
  • Mawburgh or Malbray 1816 Lysons
  • New Mowbray 1555 CW(OS)v
  • Mowbrow 1783 CWxvi
  • Ould Mabreye 1636 LRMB
  • Moulburrough 1668 PR(Bridekirk)
  • Malbray 1809 CWxvi


The early forms of the first element seem to be from OE  mǣge , later replaced by Maw - from the variant māge . The second element is burh , and the name means 'the maidens' stronghold,' or, in effect, 'maidens' castle.' The reference is presumably to the Roman fort at this place.The name seems to have a duplicate in Mayburgh (We), where the original form has persisted; see also supra 255. New Mawbray is locally known as Newtown .