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Major Settlement in the Parish of Dearham

Historical Forms

  • Derham c.1160 Fountains c.1210 StB 1456 Fine
  • Deram 1218 Lowther 1387 Pap
  • Derheim 1212 Cur
  • Derehame c.1212 Weth 1429 Netherhall
  • Dereham in Airedale t.Hy3 Dugdv
  • Dereham 1285 WethA 1344 Cl
  • Deareham 1580 Border
  • Derhame 1308 Ipm
  • Direham 1437 Cl
  • Deirhame 1527 Netherhall
  • Derom 1535 VE
  • Derm t.Eliz ChancP


An Old Anglian compound of dēor and hām . The form from 1212 Cur, in which Scandinavian ei has replaced Anglian ā , proves that the second element is hām , not hamm . The antiquity of the settlement is shown by the fragments of early Anglian sculpture still preserved there.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site