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Major Settlement in the Parish of Camerton

Historical Forms

  • Camerton(a) c.1150 StB c.1174 HolmC
  • Camertun' 1212 Cur
  • Carmnerton 1552 CWviii
  • Camberton(e) c.1150 StB 1686 CW(OS)v
  • Cambirton c.1270 StB
  • Kambertun' 1212 Cur
  • Kamberton 1279 Ass 1285 For
  • Cambreton 1307 Cl 1332 SR


The first element must be considered along with that, of Camberwell (PN Sr 17), Camerton (PN ERY 35–6), Cammeringham (L) and Cameringcroft 1257 FF (in Mumby, L). The -ing - suffix in the last three names might suggest that it is a personal name (possibly *Cāfmǣr ), but there is no genitival inflexion to support this in Camberwell or Camerton. Sir Ifor Williams suggests tentatively Welsh  cym (m )er , 'confluence,' but the phonology would offer difficulties, and the stream running into the Derwent is insignificant. For the second element, v. tūn .

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