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Seaton Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Bootle

Historical Forms

  • Seton in Couplont 1184–90 Cockersand
  • Seton c.1230 StB 1535 VE
  • in Coupland 13th ADiv
  • cellam de 1313 Greenfield
  • monialium 1536 LP
  • Setun c.1235 StB
  • AOMB, Seyton 1542 CWx 1571 FF
  • Lightley Breast and Field c.1840 TA
  • Lekeleya a.1210 HolmC c.1245 Hesley
  • Lekelay(e) 1228 Gray c.1251 HolmC
  • Lekley 1459 Hesley
  • Overlayclays, Nedderlayclays 1542 CWx
  • Leakley now called Seaton 1610 Denton


For this name cf. Seaton supra 319. The reference to 'cell' and 'nuns' in the above forms relates to Lekeley Priory, on this site. That name does not survive except possibly, as the Rev. W. S. Sykes suggests, in the field-names Lightley Breast and Field (c. 1840TA ), but it appears in early records as Lekeleya a. 1210HolmC , c. 1245Hesley , Lekelay (e )1228 Gray, c. 1251HolmC , Lekley 1459Hesley , Overlayclays , Nedderlayclays 1542 CW x, Leakley now called Seaton 1610 Denton. The meaning of this name is uncertain, but it not improbably contains an OE  word *lēce , 'brook,' which seems to occur in Leek (St). Cf. DEPN under Leake and Leek. The second element is (a)h.