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Early-attested site in the Parish of Boltons

Historical Forms

  • Schallermakek in Allerdale, Scallermakek 1292 Ass
  • Skelmerakeck', Sckalermakek' ib. (p)
  • Schallermarkek' Scallermakek 1292 Ass
  • Scalermaket 1292 QW
  • Scalermakek 1296 MinAcct
  • Skalmallok t.Hy8 AOMB


This is an inversion compound of which the first element is ON  skálir , plural of skáli. The second element appears to be a personal name, though its exact form is uncertain.It is possibly, as Professor Jackson suggests, Macóg , a diminutive of Irish mac , 'boy'. The forms of Skalmallok have sometimes been confused with those of Scarrowmanwick supra 250.