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Major Settlement in the Parish of Blindbothel

Historical Forms

  • Blendebothel 1278(bis),1279(bis) Ass
  • Blendbothel 1279 ib
  • Blindbethil 1280 Cl
  • Blyndebothill 1333 Misc
  • Blyndbothel 1333 Cl
  • Blyndboll 1563 FF


The obvious derivation of the first element from blind in the sense 'dark' or 'hidden' is made unlikely by the early forms in Blende -, Blend -, recently found in Assize Rolls. No help is forthcoming from the local topography, for Blindbothel is merely the name of a civil parish, and the site where the name arose is unknown. It should, however, be added that the general lie of the land within the parish does not suggest derivation from the blaen , 'top, summit,' found in Blencarn supra 214. The second element is bōðl .

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