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Early-attested site in the Parish of Arlecdon

Historical Forms

  • Frisingaton c.1160 StB
  • Frisintona c.1205 ib
  • Frisington c.1206 FlemingMem
  • Frisinton 1246 LaAss
  • Phrisington 1729 CWxv
  • Fresinton' 1259 Pipe
  • Fresyngton 1338 StB
  • Fressyngton 1535 LP
  • Frisington Hall 1579 FF
  • Frisington Parke 1583 ib


In view of the long series of forms with i in the first element, it seems clear that this name contains OE  Frīsa , literally 'the Frisian.'The consistent succession of forms in ing or in shows that Frisa in this instance must have been used as a personal name. The name as a whole means 'tūn of Frisa ' or 'of Frisa 's people,' the latter interpretation being strongly suggested by the early form Frisingaton .