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Field in the Parish of Taxal

Historical Forms

  • Brekwellehurst 1287 Court 1783 Dow 1791 Dow
  • Brokwalhurst 1354 Eyre 1367 Eyre 1844 TA
  • Brokwallehurst 1354 Eyre
  • Brocwalhurst 1361 Eyre
  • Brocholehurst 1372 Eyre
  • Brokhalhurst 1380 Eyre
  • Brokealhurst 1445 Eyre


Brekwellehurst 1287(p), Brokwalhurst 1354(p), 1367(p), 1387(p), Brokwallehurst 1354,Brocwalhurst 1361(p), Brocholehurst 1372(p), Brokhalhurst 1380, Brokealhurst 1445(p)(freq as a surname in this part of Macclesfield Hundred, cf.113, 176 supra; location unknown, but cf. Brocklehurst 330 infra);'(wooded-hill at) the brook-spring' from brōc and wella(wælla), with hyrst, thesecond el. replaced by halh, hol1. Had it survived, the modern form wouldbe Brocklehurst, cf. George Brocklehurst, aged native of Kettleshulme 1783Dow, John Brocklehurst of Macclesfield 1791 Dow, cf. also Wych Fm inAdlington 185 infra)