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Major Settlement in the Parish of Taxal

Historical Forms

  • Tackeshale c.1251 For
  • Tackeshal' 1285 Eyre
  • Tackishalch 1273 Ipm
  • Takeshalch 1273 Orm2
  • Takishalch 1273 IpmR
  • Tacheshale 1345 Eyre
  • Takkeshall 1527 Earw
  • Taxhale 1274 Pat, Fine
  • Taxhall l13 Tab 1512
  • Taxhal 1690 Sheaf
  • Tackesal' 1285 Eyre
  • Tackesale 1335 Dow
  • Ta(c)kessale 1344 Pat 1357 ChFor
  • Ta(c)kessall 1547 Orm2
  • Takkessale 1451 Pat
  • Tacsal 1288,1348 Eyre
  • Tacsale 1357 ChFor
  • Tacsall (infra forestam de Macclesfeld) 1445 Eyre
  • Thacsale 1378 ib
  • Tacksall 1328 NotCestr 1724
  • Tacksalle 1493 Dow
  • Taksale 1347 Eyre c.1420 Orm2
  • Taksall 1451 Pat
  • Taxsale 1376 Orm2
  • Tacsal(l) 1497 ChRR
  • Taxall 1502 ChRR


The final el. is halh (dat.sg. hale ) 'a nook'. The first el. is unidentified. It is inflected in the gen.sg. -es . It may be a pers.n. The unrecorded OE  pers.n. Tatuc proposed in DEPN depends upon the erroneous Tatkes - spelling for Tackes - (cf. Stretton 335infra and DEPN for a similar c , t confusion). Taxal may contain the ODan  by-name Taki ('surety, bailsman'; ModDan pers.n. Tage ) with an analogical anglicised strong-declension gen.sg. in -s . The OScand pers.n. would give significance to Normanwood infra . However, Dr von Feilitzen informs me that ODan  Taki is an exclusively Danish name, not to be looked for in this English context. Perhaps it would be preferable on formal grounds to reject the re-modelled ODan pers.n. and to read Taxal as a genitival-composition of an early instance of ME  tak 'a lease, a tenure, a revenue' (a. 1300, tack sb NED; cf. ON  tak 'a taking hold of'), and to interpret the p.n. as meaning 'valley at-, -of-, -belonging to-, a land-holding or an acquired estate'.

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