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Kiln Walby

Early-attested site in the Parish of Overchurch

Historical Forms

  • Kiln Walby 1837 TA
  • Gildewalleby 1321 Plea


Kiln Walby (f.n., 100–281877), Kiln Walby 1837TA , Gildewalleby 1321 Plea (PRO, Chester 29, 32 m.7d, a dispute about the pathway leading to it), Sheaf 3 24 (5515), may be 'the house and croft lying beside the spring (iuxta fontem )' mentioned 1300–7JRC 1523, and may further be associated with the surname Gildewelle of the rector of Woodchurch 274supra in 1288ChFor (PRO, Chester 33, 1 m.12, called Caldewell in 1286, ib 2M.2). The p.n. is 'guildsman's spring', from (ge)gilda (influenced by gildi ) and wella , wælla , to which býr has been suffixed. Cf. Gildwell n.d. Wo 125. Kiln Walby is beside The Fender. Gildewalleby would mean 'farm at Gildewalle ', or 'farm belonging to one Gildewelle '. In either case, the p.n. presents further evidence of the use of -by to a late date, cf. Frankby 287–8supra . For the modern form of the name, cf. Kill Flatt infra .