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Field in the Parish of Nantwich

Historical Forms

  • Prestham c.1236 AddCh H3 AddCh
  • inferior Prest ( h ) am & superior Prest ( h ) am H3 AddCh 1318 AddCh
  • Prest ( h ) am H3 AddCh 1318 AddCh
  • le Prestahamez 1323 AddCh
  • Prestames 1328 AddCh


Prestham c.1236, H3, inferior Prest(h)am & superior Prest(h)am, Prest(h)am H3, 1318, le Prestahamez 1323, Prestames 1328('the priests' meadow(s)', v. prēost and hamm.The name is that of a group of fields in Nantwich adjoining Batherton 50infra & partly in Stapeley 73 infra, about 110–658509)