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( the ) Munkes orchard

Field in the Parish of Nantwich

Historical Forms

  • ( the ) Munkes orchard 1443 Comb 1453 Comb
  • le Monkesorchard 1498 AddCh 1525 Comb


(the) Munkes orchard 14431, 1453, le Monkesorchard 1498, 1525, cf.Munkesyorde(s), Monkesyorde(s), Monkesyardes, le Munkesyorde(s), le Monkesyorde(s), le Monkesyardes,the Munkesyorde(s), the Monkesyorde(s), the Monkesyardes 1445, 1465, 1470, 1485('themonk's enclosures and orchard', v. munuc, geard, orceard, named from themonks of Combermere Abbey 93 infra, cf. Monkyslone st.n. supra)