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Field in the Parish of Bidston

Historical Forms

  • Chestregreue 1838 TA 1353 MinAcct
  • le Chestergrenemedewe 1357 ChFor


Chestregreue(lit. Theftegreue) 1353, le Chestergrenemedewe 1357(there is no evidence for aceaster at Bidston so this must be'meadow at a wood belonging to Chester',v. grǣfe, mǣd, cf. Chester 336 infra. The place is perhaps associated withthe abbot of Chester's unidentified wood in the Forest of Wirral, boscus de Grescow, boscus de Gresowe, boscus de Groscow 1357 ChFor, from ON  skógr'a wood',with an unidentified first el. for which Professor Löfvenberg suggests OE grēosn'gravel' or OE  grēot'gravel' or perhaps rather ON  grjót'gravel,stones')