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Parish in the County of Cheshire


The ecclesiastical parish of Farndon contained the townships 1. Barton, 2. Churton by Farndon, 3. Clutton, 4. Crewe, 5. Farndon (now a c.p. including part of Crewe supra ). It seems obvious that Aldford 76infra was originally the moiety of the manor of Farndon held by earl Edwin TRE and Hugh Bigot 1086, and it is supposed that the parish of Aldford represents this, whilst the other moiety, which belonged to the bishop of Chester (i.e. Coventry and Lichfield) TRE and 1086, retained the original name and remained as Farndon parish. The separation of the Aldford moiety into a distinct parish probably followed the development of Aldford, with its castle guarding a crossing of the Dee, into the capital of the extensive fee of Aldford early in the twelfth century, at which date the bisection of Churton 70, 81infra , by a parish boundary on the line of the manorial boundary, would take place. Cf. Tait 183 n.176, Orm2 ii754.

Major Settlements