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Fen Drayton

Major Settlement in the Parish of Fen Drayton

Historical Forms

  • be Drægtunes gemæra 1012 Proc.Soc.Antiq.(N.S.)iii,49 12th
  • Draitone 1086 DB, InqEl
  • Draiton 1203 Cur 1281 Ipm
  • Fendreiton', Fendreyton' 1188 P 1279 FF
  • Fendret(t)on 1199,1231 FF
  • Fendrayton(e) 1218 FF
  • Fennydrayton(e) 1285,1334 Ass
  • Fandraitun c.1250 SR
  • Fennedraittone 1316 FA
  • Fyn drayton al. Fynne drayton al. Fennedrayton 1462,1468 Pat
  • Fendraton 1228 Eyns 1296,1324 FF 1402 Cl
  • Fendryton' 1279 RH
  • Fendriton 1345 CWool


This name is a compound of dræg and tūn , but the significance of the element in this particular case is by no means clear. There is no hill here as in Dry Drayton supra 152 up which something has to be drawn, neither is there any reason for portage in cutting off a bend in a stream, and Ekwall himself in his original article on the dray - names (Germanska Namnstudier tillägnade Evald Lidén 60) found it difficult to explain. Fen in contrast to Dry Drayton.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site