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Braddons Plantation

Early-attested site in the Parish of Bottisham

Historical Forms

  • Brodyng(es) t.Ric2 Rental c.1450 Bott
  • Bradding, Bradynsfeild 1615 Magdalene
  • the Bradens 1801 EnclA


Braddons Plantation (6″) is Brodyng (es )t. Ric 2Rental , c. 1450 Bott, Bradding , Bradynsfeild 1615Magdalene , the Bradens 1801EnclA .Probably an ing -derivative of brād, 'the broad place.' Cf. Bradyng medow (Soham) t. Ed 4Pembroke , Weeting (Nf) < OE  wǣt , 'wet,' Steeping (L) < OE  stēap , 'steep,' PN in -ing 15, 16, 21 and infra 333.

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