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Major Settlement in the Parish of Wolverton

Historical Forms

  • Wlverintone 1086 DB
  • Wulfrintone 1195 CurP
  • Wolfrington 12th NthSurv. c.1218 WellsL
  • Wulurinton 1227 Ass
  • Wulverton 1227 Ass 1262 Ass
  • Wulvreton 1227 Ass
  • Woluerington 1227 FF
  • Wlfrinton c.1220 Eyns
  • Wlfreton 1237 Fees
  • Wulrington 1240 Gross
  • Wulfrington 1241 Ass 1276 RH
  • Wolurington 1262 Ass
  • Wulurington 1262 Ass
  • Woluerton 1262 Ass
  • Wolvrinton 1297 Pat
  • Wolvertone 1302 FA


'Wulfhere-farm,' the first element being a common pers. name. v. ingtun . Other names derived from Wulfhere are Woolverstone (Sf), Wolvershill (Wa) and Wolferlow (He). The Wolverton-forms as distinct from the Wolvrington - ones appear so early that we should perhaps be right in assuming that there were early alternative forms of the nameWulfheretun and Wulfheringtun —rather than that the former are a reduction of the latter. A similar case is Alverton (Nt), DBAlvretun , 1190Alvrington .

Places in the same Parish

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