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Marlins Grove

Early-attested site in the Parish of Medmenham

Historical Forms

  • Merlyngesgrove 1461 IpmR


That there was an OE place-name element Merling is shown by Marlingford (Nf), DBMerlingeford . It is not on independent record as a p.n. in OE  but would be a regular formation from a diminutive Mǣrel of a pers. name Mǣra from one of the OE  names in Mǣr -. Such a diminutive and its derivative are on record in Gothic and OHG, v. Merila in Förstemann (PN 1102), and Marlingon , Merlunghaim , ib. ON 215. The first record of the name is however too late to allow of certainty in its interpretation.

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