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Rhon Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Marsh Gibbon

Historical Forms

  • Ranell 1670 Terr
  • Rannell 1674 ib
  • Ranhill 1674 ib


This would seem to be from OE  rān -hyll , in which the first element is an OE  word rān , only found in rancumb (BCS 724), ranwyll (ib. 894) and randun (ib. 390). This word would seem to be cognate with ON  reinn , 'strip' and OHG  rain , 'boundary strip or balk,' which is used in a series of similar compounds— Raimpach with bach , Reinperc with berg , Reinbrunna with brunne , Reintal with thal . This sense-interpretation is in striking agreement with the topography of its appearances in English so far as they are known. The three OE examples are all in lists of bounds, Rhon Hill is on the bounds of Marsh Gibbon parish and it is very probable that we have yet another example in Ran Dan Woods on the borders of Bromsgrove Parish for which unfortunately we have no early forms.

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