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Early-attested site in the Parish of Ludgershall

Historical Forms

  • Tochingewiche 1086 DB
  • Totingwich 1175 P 1182 P
  • Totingewich 1176,1180 P
  • Thochewik 1237–40 Fees
  • Thochewic(h) c.1240 Mert 1255 For
  • Togwike 1242 Fees874
  • Tochewic 1255 For
  • Tuchewyk 1258 Pat
  • T(h)ochewyk 1262 Ass
  • Tothwych 1276 RH
  • Touchewyk 1302 FA
  • Tochewyk(e) 1316,1346 FA 1323 Pat
  • Tochewicke Eliz ChancP
  • Titchwick field 1674 Terr
  • Tetchwich 1756 ib


The OE  form of this name was probably Totingawīc , and in that case we must take the DB form as corrupt, owing to the scribe's anticipation of the ch which comes later in the name.The full meaning of the name is therefore 'wicof Tota's people.' Totingewik > Totigewik > Totgewik > Totchewik with devocalising of ge after t . For the whole phonetic development we may compare the history of Atcham (Sa), DB Atingeham .One would have expected [tɔtʃik] or [tætʃik] rather than either of the pronunciations now found locally. Cf. Tathall End supra .

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Early-attested site

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