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Bigstrup (Fm)

Early-attested site in the Parish of Haddenham

Historical Forms

  • Bichestrope 1161–3 RegRoff
  • Bikelestorp 1179 P
  • Bikestrop c.1195 Miss 14th Cur 1204 Bract 1234
  • Bistrop 1200 Cur
  • Bygestrope 1235 Fees462
  • Bigestrop 13th ADi
  • Biggestrope 1302 FA
  • Bvggesthrope 1346 FA
  • Bigstropp 1703 Terr


There is an OE  name Bic (c )a . The diminutive Bic (c )el is not on record in OE but is found in Biggleswade (Beds), while its OHG  cognate Bichilo is well-established. Hence 'Biccel's farm.'v. þorp . It is worthy of note that the name Bic (c )a is found in Beachendon (v. supra ), only four miles away and we may note the similar pair—Kiddington and Kidlington (O), though these are rather farther apart.

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