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Major Settlement in the Parish of Coleshill

Historical Forms

  • Coleshulle 1279 Miss 14th
  • Colshull 1304 Pat
  • Coleshull 1340 NI 1354 Cl


The pers. name Cola is common in OE  and Col is apparently found in the p.n. Colesleye , BCS 586, a late and untrustworthy manuscript. In Coleshill (Wa) the first element is a stream- name Coll (BCS 1182), not so in Coleshill (Berks). It is possible that a stream-name Coll is the origin of the present name. A well-defined valley lies immediately to the south of Coleshill.It would be a remarkable coincidence if three distinct places named Coleshill were derived from an OE pers. name of extreme rarity, and indeed of doubtful authenticity. The pers. name Col contained in Colston Basset (Nt) is certainly ON  Kollr .

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