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Bussock, Bussock Ct, Bussock Wd, Bussock Mayne

Early-attested site in the Parish of Winterbourne

Historical Forms

  • Bussokke 1394 BM
  • Bussok(k)s, Bussok Homefelde and Mede, Bussocks Felde, Downe, Mede and Copice, Bussoks Copice 1547 LRMB
  • Bussocke Court 1590,1624 Moulton
  • Bussock Court 1752 PubLib
  • Bushook 1761 Rocque


Bussock, Bussock Ct, Bussock Wd, Bussock Mayne, Bussokke 1394 BM, Bussok (k )s , Bussok Homefelde and Mede , Bussocks Felde , Downe , Mede and Copice , Bussoks Copice 1547LRMB , Bussocke Court 1590, 1624 Moulton, Bussock Court 1752PubLib , Bushook 1761 Rocque.Probably an OE  buscuc 'place overgrown with bushes', from busc and -uc . A close parallel is riscuc 'place overgrown with reeds', from which Rushock Wo 255 is derived.