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Early-attested site in the Parish of Sunningwell

Historical Forms

  • Pinnegrave 1247–8 FF
  • Pinnesgrave 13th Abingdon
  • Pynnesgrave c.1250 Lyell m.14th
  • Pynnes Grove 1538 RentSur
  • Pynns Grove Eliz ib
  • Pinsgrove 1784 Bodl
  • Pinsgrove Close 1814 EnclA
  • Pinsgrove 1841 TA


Pinsgrove (not on map), Pinnegrave 1247–8FF , Pinnesgrave 13th Abingdon, Pynnesgrave c. 1250 (m. 14th) Lyell , Pynnes Grove 1538RentSur , Pynns Grove Eliz ib, Pinsgrove 1784Bodl , Pinsgrove Close 1814EnclA (for S. Hinksey), Pinsgrove 1841TA (Sunningwell).There is a modern house called Pinsgrove on the N.E. boundary of Wootton, near but just N. of the road from S. Hinksey to Wootton.'Pinn's grove', v. grāf ; for the pers.n. v. Feilitzen 344.