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Hinton Ho, Hinton Fm, Hinton Lodge

Early-attested site in the Parish of St Nicholas Hurst

Historical Forms

  • Hentona comitis Patricii 1167 P
  • Henton' 1182 1185 RR 1224–5 Ass
  • Heanton' 1183,1184 P
  • Henton' comitis Saresb' 1198 ib
  • Henton 13th ReadingC 1362 Cl
  • Heynton' 1255 ib
  • Hentone Ode, Hentone Pipard 1332 SR
  • Hynton 1400 Cl
  • Henton' Ody, Henton' Pypard 1453 SR
  • Brodehenton 1479 Pat
  • Hinton House 1846 Snare


Hinton Ho, Hinton Fm, Hinton Lodge, Hentona comitis Patricii 1167 P, Henton '1182 ib (p), 1185 RR, 1224–5Ass (p), Heanton '1183, 1184 P (p), Henton ' comitis Saresb '1198 ib, Henton 13thReadingC , 1362 Cl, Heynton '1255 ib, Hentone Ode , Hentone Pipard 1332SR , Hynton 1400 Cl, Henton ' Ody , Henton ' Pypard 1453SR , Brodehenton (in the parish of Hurst, co. Wilts) 1479 Pat, Hinton House 1846 Snare, '(at the) high farm', cf. Hinton Waldrist, Pt 2. Hinton in Hurst is not on high ground, however, so hēah 1 may mean 'important' in this instance. Pipard and Ode are family names. The manorial history is discussed in VCH iii, 235–6, where it is stated that the three Hintons, Broad Hinton, Hinton Peppard and Hinton Hatch infra , were tithings of the Earl of Salisbury's hundred of Ashridge (142), which was a detached portion of Wiltshire. It is confusing that one of the Berks places should have been known as Broad Hinton, as there is another Broad Hinton in W (W 296).