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Early-attested site in the Parish of North and South Hinksey

Historical Forms

  • (apud) Boteleam a.1170 ClaudiusCix c.1200
  • Botele 1227 FF 1284 Ass 1316 FA 1345,1363 Pat
  • Botelegh' 1231 Cl
  • Boteley 1242–3 Fees 1401 Ch
  • Bottele, Botelee c.1280 Os
  • Bottel' 1320 Ch
  • Boteleye 1327 SR
  • Bottele 1344 Pat


Botley (in N. Hinksey), (apud ) Boteleam a. 1170 (c. 1200) Claudius Cix , Botele 1227 FF, 1284Ass , 1316 FA, 1345, 1363 Pat, Botelegh '1231 Cl (p), Boteley 1242–3 Fees, 1401 Ch, Bottele , Botelee c. 1280 Os, Bottel '1320 Ch (p), Boteleye 1327SR , Bottele 1344 Pat. Probably 'Bōta's clearing'. The forms for Botley Ha suggest that that name is identical, whereas Botley Bk 224, Wa 243, and Sr 338 appear to contain the pers.n. Botta . Alternatively, the Berks and Ha names could contain the gen.sing. (bōte ) of OE  bōt 'help, remedy', which is probably the first element of Botwell Mx 40. If so, it would be better to render (a)h 'wood', and the reference could be to woods where timber was obtained for repairs. Botelemill ('Botley mill') is mentioned 1371 InqMisc.