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Early-attested site in the Parish of New Windsor

Historical Forms

  • Undesoura 1156–7 ReadingA
  • Hunderora 1142–84 ReadingC l.12th
  • Vnderore, Underhore, Vnderora 12th l.12th ib
  • Underore l.12th ib
  • Windelesore Vnderhore 13th ReadingC
  • Windsor Underore 1539–40 ReadingA
  • Underower Manor 1595 Windsor
  • Underhoure 1682 ib


Underore (lost), Undesoura 1156–7 ReadingA, Hunderora 1142–84 (l.12th) ReadingC , Vnderore , Underhore , Vnderora 12th (l.12th) ib , Underore l.12thib et freq , Windelesore Vnderhore 13thReadingC , Windsor Underore 1539–40 ReadingA, Underower Manor 1595Windsor , Underhoure 1682ib . 'Under the slope', v. under , ōra . In VCH III, 66, it is stated that this manor probably included the land lying between Windsor and Eton, N.W. of the Castle and extending down to the Thames.