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Great Coxwell and Little Coxwell

Major Settlement in the Parish of Great and Little Coxwell

Historical Forms

  • Cocheswelle 1086 DB
  • Kocheswell' 1201 P
  • Cokeswell 1227 Sar
  • Cokeswell(e) 1240 ib
  • Parua Cokeswell' 1284 Ass
  • Magna Cokeswell' 1294 SR
  • Cokeswelle 1327 ib
  • Cokyswell' 1535 VE
  • Cokkyswell 1539 CourtR
  • Cogeswell' 1220 Fees
  • Magna Cogeswell' 1284 Ass
  • magna et parva Cokewell 1225 Pat
  • Parua Cokewell' 1284 Ass


As the first el. is in the gen.sing. it is perhaps most likely to be a pers.n. *Cocc . 'Cocc's spring', v. w(i)ella. Coxford Nf and Coxley So may contain the same pers.n. There are several springs at both the Coxwells. Prof. Löfvenberg points out that the persistent single -k - is curious, if the source is Cocc ; but cōc 'cook' does not seem possible as there is no sign of a long vowel, Cookham Pt 180.