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Major Settlement in the Parish of Easthampstead

Historical Forms

  • Lachenestede 1086 DB
  • Yezhamesteda 1167 P
  • Yethamstede 1176 ib
  • Yetzhamsteda 1180 P
  • Jezhamestede 1185 RR
  • Yeshamsted' 1224–5 Ass
  • Yestamested' 1224–5 Ass
  • Yashamsted' 1238 Cl
  • Yashamstede 1275–6 RH 1294 SR
  • Yeshampstede 1331 Fine 1342 Gor
  • Yesshampsted 1316 FA
  • Chesthamstede 1169 P
  • Hiecamesteda c.1220 AddCh
  • Essamested' 1216 Cl
  • Eshamstede 1284 Ass
  • Esthamstede 1284 Ed2 Hurley
  • Estehampsted 1535 VE


v. hāmstede . Probably, as suggested in DEPN, the prefix is geates , and the meaning 'homestead by the gate'. Ekwall also suggests that the gate may have been one leading to Windsor Forest, but Easthampstead was well within the area of the medieval forest, not on its boundary. geat occurs in forests in such names as Reigate Sr 304, which are considered to refer to fences with gaps to allow free movement to the king's deer. Such a gap in a fence may be the 'gate' of Easthampstead. The DB form is corrupt.

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