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Early-attested site in the Parish of Cumnor

Historical Forms

  • Chiefleswelle c.1180 Abingdon 13th
  • Chefleswell' 1241 Ass
  • Cheveleswell' 1200 Cur c.1250 Os
  • (ville de) Chevelewell' 1223–4 FF
  • (ville de) Chevenewell' 1223 Cur
  • Chiveliswell 1243 Cl
  • Chivelewell' 1243–4 FF
  • Chiueleswell' 1284 Ass 1375–6 ObAcc
  • Chyueleswelle 1375–6 ib
  • Chyllyswell 1538 RentSur
  • Chisewel c.1540 Leland
  • Childswell 1548–9 RentSur
  • Childwell Fm 1761 Rocque
  • Childsworth Farm c.1865 MatthewArnold,Thyrsis


'*Cifel's stream', v. w(i)ella, the stream flows past Chilswell Fm.The pers.n., which is probably also found in Chisfield Hrt 125, could be a derivative of *Cifa , which occurs in Chieveley (pt 1241–2).Professor Löfvenberg observes, however, that the forms fluctuate between -i - and -e -, and the ones with -e - may indicate a pers.n. *Ceofel , found in Chivelstone D 319. cealues wylle 956 (c. 1200), cealfes wulle 956 (c. 1240) BCS 932, in the bounds of Wootton and Sunningwell (v. Pt 3) may refer to the same stream, the scribe having misunderstood the name and interpreted it as 'stream of the calf'.