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Major Settlement in the Parish of Catmore

Historical Forms

  • (be eastan) catmere c.935 BCS682 c.1200 KCD762 1042 c.1240
  • (oþ) catmeres (gemære) 951 BCS892 16th
  • Catmere 1086 DB 1428 FA
  • Catmar 1517 DInc
  • Cadm' 1162 P
  • Cattemera 1169,70,74 P
  • Catimor' 1196 Cur
  • Cathemera 1170 P
  • Cattemere 1338 Cl


'Pool frequented by wild cats', v. cat(t), mere . The name must be connected with that of the catbeorh 'cat-hill', which occurs in the boundaries of Stanmore and Chieveley (BCS 866, 892), and which was E. of Catmore near the N.W. corner of the adjacent modern parish of Beedon, v. Pt 3. Catmore lies at the head of a small valley; no pool or stream is marked on O.S. maps.