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Shalford Bridge and Shalford Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Brimpton

Historical Forms

  • (on) scealdan ford 944 BCS802 c.1240
  • hospital' de Scaldeford, Hosp' Sancti Johannis de Scaldeford 1275–6 RH
  • Schaldeforde 1297–8 Ipm
  • Shaldeford 1316 FA
  • Schawford 1507 ArchJ


Shalford Bridge and Shalford Fm, (on ) scealdan ford 944 (c. 1240) BCS 802, hospital ' de Scaldeford , Hosp ' Sancti Johannis de Scaldeford 1275–6 RH, Schaldeforde 1297–8 Ipm, Shaldeford 1316 FA, Schawford 1507 ArchJ 4. A well-recorded example of a common name meaning '(at the) shallow ford', v. sc(e)ald, ford . For the Hospitallers, who held this manor till their dissolution in 1540, v. supra .