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Dunmore Pond and Dunmore Barn

Early-attested site in the Parish of Brightwalton

Historical Forms

  • (to) dunian mere 939 BCS743 c.1240
  • Dunmore 18th ArchJ


Dunmore Pond and Dunmore Barn (latter in Chaddleworth). The pond is (to ) dunian mere 939 (c. 1240) BCS 743, Dunmore 18th ArchJ 10.The second el. is mere 'pond'. Toller (BTSuppl) suggests an OE  dūnig 'on the downs' for the first. Professor Löfvenberg compares Dunny Grove Sr 386 (Will. atte Donye 1332, Thom. atte Dunye 1382), and considers that both names derive from an OE  weak noun *dūni (g )e of obscure origin and meaning, possibly a side-form of the plant-name dȳnige , which is also obscure.