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Cruchfield Ho

Early-attested site in the Parish of Bray

Historical Forms

  • Kerchesfeld 1185 RR
  • Cruchesfeld Hy3 RentSur 1251 Ch
  • Curchesfeld' 1241 Ass
  • Crucchesfeld 1247–8 FF
  • Cruchesfeld' 1284 Ass
  • Cruchefeld' 1230 P 1345 Hurley
  • Crichefeld 1256 Ch 1255–8 FF 1319 Pat
  • Crychefeld 1255–8 FF
  • Crussefeld 1275–6 RH
  • Crukesfeud 1286 Cl
  • Crecchefeld 1351 Pat
  • Crutchfeild, Crutchfyld 1604 SpecCom


Cruchfield Ho is just below the top of a pear-shaped hill, the name of which was probably PrWelsh  *crǖg 'hill'. The second el. of Cruchfield, feld 'open land', was added to the OE genitive of the hill-name. The same name occurs in Sr (v. Sr 281–2).

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