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Major Settlement in the Parish of Yelden

Historical Forms

  • Giveldene 1086 DB 1228 FF 1247 Ass 1273 Ipm
  • Giveldon, Gyueldon 1220 LS 1247 Ass
  • Gieuleden 1227 Ass
  • Chivelden 1242 Fees884
  • Gyuelden(e) 1247 Ass E1 KS 1252 FF 1276,1287 Ass 1302,1346 FA
  • Yueldene 1315 Ipm
  • Yevelden(e) 1316 FA 1317 Ipm 1319 Cl E3 Ipm 1339 ADvi 1461 IpmR 1660 HMC
  • Yelden 1390–2 CS 1780–1830 Jury
  • Yealdon c.1600 Linc
  • Yeavelden 1660 HMCvii
  • Yelding 1675 Ogilby
  • Yeilden 1765 J


This valley (v. denu ) takes its name from the stream which flows through it. That is now called the Til, but that name, like that of the Kym into which it later turns, is, as we have seen (supra 8), only a late and erroneous formation. There can be little doubt that the stream once bore throughout its length the same name as the Ivel (supra 8), another tributary of the Ouse. The early forms of the name of that river given above will explain all those of Yelden. For the loss of v , cf. Northill and Southill infra 93, 96. v. Addenda.

Places in the same Parish

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