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Early-attested site in the Parish of Streatley

Historical Forms

  • Scarpeho 1197 FF
  • Serpenho 1197 FF
  • Sarpenho 1227,1240 Ass 1285 ADiv
  • Sherpenho 1231 Cl
  • S(c)harpenho 1232,1241 FF
  • Scarpenho 1240 Ass
  • Syarpenhou 1267 Ch
  • Shappenho 1316 Ch


OE  scearpan-hoge (dat.), 'sharp spur of land,' aptly descriptive of the abrupt and steep promontory at the foot of which the village lies. v. hoh . For such a name, cf. Scharphull in Grafham (Hu), 13th AD iii.

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