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Early-attested site in the Parish of Pulloxhill

Historical Forms

  • Hubberia 1166 P
  • Hutberia 1168 P
  • Hutteberia 1174 P
  • Upbiri 1205 FF
  • Hudburi, Hutbyr' 13th Dunst
  • Utbiri 13th Dunst
  • Obury 1826 B
  • Huttesbutt 1219 FF


This manor (v. burh ) could only have been called Up on the lucus a non lucendo principle, for it is on some of the lowest ground in the parish. It does however lie in a remote corner of the parish and might well be described as the 'out manor.'

On the other hand, the fact that five out of seven medieval forms begin with h should not be ignored. There is no OE authority for an OE  pers. name *Hutta which would give the best origin of the 1174 form Hutteberia with double t , and trace of possible inflexion in the medial e , but a name Hutting which can only be a patronymic from such a name occurs in the 12th cent., and we have Huttesbutt in 1219 (FF) in Eynesbury (Hu), and all the forms of Upbury could readily be explained by derivation from an OE  (æt ) Huttan byrig . If this derivation is correct the history of the forms is that tb was assimilated to db or bb and the db was then dissimilated to pb regardless of the sense suggested by the new form.

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