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Major Settlement in the Parish of Limbury

Historical Forms

  • Lygeanburg 571 ASC c.899
  • Lymbiri, Limbiri c.1225 Dunst 13th Ass 1276
  • Limbury, Lymbury 1227 Ass 1247 Ass 1286 Dunst
  • Lumbur(y) c.1250 Deed 1276 Ass 1290 ADiv 1307 Ass
  • Lunboreye 1252 Ch
  • Lumbyr' 1276 Ass
  • Limberge 1296 Cl
  • Lymbery 1307 Ass
  • Limbrey 1780 Jury
  • Limbury come Biscott (sic) 1785 Jury


'The fort of the river Lea' v. Lea, R. supra 8. This, and not the traditional Lenborough (Bk), is undoubtedly the correct identification of the place mentioned in the ASC as cited above.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site