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Moulsoe Hundred

Hundred in the County of Buckinghamshire

Historical Forms

  • Molesoueslau, Moslei(e) 1086 DB
  • Moisselai, Moslai, Moleslou ib.
  • Mulesho 1241,1247 Ass
  • Molesho 1241 Ass
  • Mulsho 1247 Ass 1346 FA
  • Muleshowe 1262 Ass
  • Molleshowe 1262 Ass
  • Molishoe 1265 Misc
  • Moleso 1284 FA


The forms Moslei (e ), Moisselai and Moslai , as pointed out in Rec. ix. 107, by Mr A. M. Davies, are clearly due to confusion with Mursley Hundred infra .

The meeting-place of the Hundred was presumably in Moulsoe parish, but the exact site is unknown. The first DB form seems to be the gen. sg. of the name Moulsoe, i.e. Muleshohes , followed by hlaw , and this would point to the full name of the Hundred meeting-place being 'Moulsoe's hill' Cf. Bingameshou, i.e. Bingham's hoh , as the full name of the Wapentake of Bingham (Nt). The other DB forms are corrupt.The position of Moulsoe village not far from the centre of the Hundred and on a conspicuous eminence made it a good meeting-place.