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Major Settlement in the Parish of Hungerford

Historical Forms

  • Hungreford 1101–18 France 1147 Frid c.1315 c.1170 FF c.1425 1199
  • Hungerford 1147 Frid c.1315
  • Hungurford 1191 Frid c.1425 AnnMon 1259
  • Hungerford regis 1284 Ass
  • Hongerford 1350 Cl
  • Hongurforde 1422 AD


'Hunger ford' v. ford . The same name occurs in Munslow Sa; v. hungor (Elements 1, 269) for a discussion of the possible meaning of this word in p.ns. As part of the royal manor of Kintbury, Hungerford was ancient demesne of the crown, hence regis in 1284.

The chronicler of the Book of Hyde (RS, p. 10), writing c. 1400, ascribes the name Hungerford to the drowning here of a Danish leader named Hyngwar —'donec occiso rege Edmundo ab impiisimis Danis Hyngwar et Hubba, Dani regnum illud sibi usurparent. Qui Hyngwar, dum quoddam vadum pertransiret, in comitatu Barokensi, dimersus est, quod vadum usque hodie, ab ejus nomine, a com- provincialibus Hyngurford appellatur. Hubba vero dum equitaret, subito terra aperiens os suum vivum absorbuit.'

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