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Gowersyle Moor

Early-attested site in the Parish of Adlingfleet

Historical Forms

  • Guuersile, Queresile 13 Selby
  • Gowerstyle more 1589 Eastoft
  • Gowcell more 1597 ib
  • Gowersyle, Goarsyle more 1642,1649 ib


Gowersyle Moor (lost), Guuersile , Queresile 13 Selby, Gowerstyle more 1589Eastoft , Gowcell more 1597 ib, Gowersyle , Goarsyle more 1642, 1649 ib, cf. also novam silam , Newsile 13 Selby. The first el. may well be the ME  pers.n. or surname Gu (h )er , Go (h )er (OFr  Gohier from OG  Godehar , or, in the case of the surname, from the Fr  district name Goelle , OFr  Gohiere , v. Reaney 143). The second el. is from MLG  sīl 'a drain, a canal', or an OE  equivalent *sīl (cf. sēoluc 'a gulley', EPN ii, 119–120, Sylecrosse , Sile Bank 10, 12infra ).