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Walsgrave on Sowe

Major Settlement in the Parish of Walsgrave on Sowe

Historical Forms

  • Sowe 1043 KCD916 17th White 1850
  • Sowa 1086 DB
  • Sow c.1045 KCD939 17th
  • Sow juxta Anesty 1293 Ass
  • Sogh 1200 Cur 1232 Ass
  • Sohe 1203 Cur
  • Showe 1247 Ass
  • Souhe 1274 Saltvi
  • Souwe 1279 Nott
  • Woldegrove in 1411 Coventry
  • Walgrove 1576 S


Until late in the 19th century the parish was always known as Sow (e ) from the river on which it stands (supra 5). Kelly's Directory for 1855 states that the place was originally known as Walsgrave on Sowe, but that statement is omitted from the 1892 edition. The name Walsgrave Hill is marked on the 1″ map, but this is Marker Hill on the 1830 O.S. map. However, the name is old, since there is mention of a place in the parish called Woldegrove in 1411Coventry , Walgrove 1576 S. It must be a compound of weald and graf .

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