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Waverley Fm and Waverley Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stoneleigh

Historical Forms

  • bruille de Wethele 1204 ChR 14th LegerBk
  • wood of Wethele 1245 FF
  • bruera de Wethele 1279 Nott
  • Wethele 1284 Ch 1656 Dugdale
  • Whetheleye 1611 WillsWo
  • Waveley c.1830 O.S. c.1840 TA


Waverley Fm and Waverley Wood is bruille de Wethele 1204 ChR, 14thLegerBk , wood of Wethele 1245 FF, bruera de Wethele 1279Nott , Wethele 1284 Ch, 1656 Dugdale, Whetheleye 1611 WillsWo, Waveley c. 1830 O.S., c. 1840TA . For further forms v. Weston under Wetherley infra 189. Professor Ekwall suggests that the first element in this name is a lost OE  wǣðe , 'hunting,' derived from wǣðan , 'to hunt.' This would be cognate with OE  wāð which is on record. For bruille cf. Broyle (PN Sx 70).