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Early-attested site in the Parish of Stoneleigh

Historical Forms

  • Staverton 1156 P 1189 1198 Fees 1536 Monast
  • Stauertona 1225 Bracton
  • Starton 1279 Nott
  • Stareton 1393 ADvi
  • Starton 1656 Dugdale
  • Staverton al. Starton 1679 FF


Stareton is Staverton 1156 Pet freq to 1189 ib., 1198 Feeset freq to 1536 Monast, Stauertona 1225 Bracton, Starton 1279Nott , Stareton 1393 AD vi, Starton 1656 Dugdale, Staverton al. Starton 1679FF . The name is identical in origin with Staverton (PN Nth 28), the first element being OE  stæfer , 'pole,' etc., and the compound denoting a tun made with or marked by a pole or poles. See also Moerman in NGN (vii, 42) for the use of this word in Dutch place-names.