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Early-attested site in the Parish of Stoneleigh

Historical Forms

  • Canelea 1179 P
  • Canele 1279 Nott 1284 Ch 1343 Pat
  • Kaneley(e) 1266,1286 Pat
  • Canlege 1221 Ass
  • Canley 1318 AD t.Ed3 Coventry
  • Canneley t.Hy3 CartMisc 1288 Ass 1324 ADiii
  • Cannaleye 1352 FF


As Canley is on a well-marked hill and not in a hollow, we must take the first element to be the OE  pers. name Cana rather than the element canne assumed for various place-names in Devon and elsewhere (PN D 481s. n. Canna, PN Do 20s. n. Cann). Hence 'Cana 's woodland or clearing.'